It is said the way that we present ourselves to the world is how the world will perceive us.  If we take the time to take care of our inner selves as well as our outer selves, then we will be the best that we can possibly be.  A master barber racine wi will be able to cut our hair, trim our beards and help sculpt our look for a positive exterior impression.  Beyond that taking the following tips into consideration will help improve your overall self.

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Cologne and personal smell

When we enter a room we want to be noticed for who we are but not for what we smell like.  Taking a shower every day, putting on deodorant, brushing our teeth and using mouth wash are all things we can do to help improve our outer image.  One of the things that we do on a regular basis however is wear too much cologne.  Cologne for men is like perfume for women.  This substance is designed to give a sense of mystery and an alluring scent on first impressions.  When using cologne you will want to use less than more.

Ear Hair

One part of the body that men really don’t pay too much attention to is our ear hair.  At times these hairs will grow out of our ears and become very prominent.  Using a ear and nose hair trimmer extension on your electric razor will help keep these areas of your body clean and attractive.


Just because we are men doesn’t mean that we can’t have soft moist skin.  When our skin gets rough and cracked adding some moisturizer to it will help protect our skin from damage as well as improve our overall complexion.

Using these tips as well as going to a barber on a regular basis will help keep us looking and feeling good.